Wizi Privacy Policy

Wizi, and its subsidiaries and affiliates, value and protect your privacy. We shall take all reasonable care to protect your personal and location information. We shall not share it with third parties without your consent. Your consent may be reasonably inferred from your use of the services, taking in account the nature of the service you used, the marketing campaigns associated with the service, the geographical location, the time of day and day of year, and the input you have provided. Wizi shall rely on reliable behaviour of its agents and suppliers in transporting and safeguarding your personal information. The Wizi servers, as well as its agents and suppliers may be located in other jurisdictions and you consent to cross-border data transfer. If Wizi uses your data for any other purpose, it shall do so only in anonymized or summarized way.

You acknowlege to be aware of privacy risks inherent in location sharing and social networking and agree to act so that you will not run unacceptable risks. You realize that information provided by others while online may not be entirely truthful or may be ficticious. You shall not base any decision solely on data received through Wizi services or software.

For any inquiry, please write

R. Martins Barata, 6B
1400-248 Lisboa - Portugal

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